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    Composite vs. Wood Decking

    Over the last few years, composite decking’s popularity has grown exponentially because of its many advantages over wood. Still, there are many dedicated fans of wood who advocate for the natural material. So when it comes to the question wood versus composite? One has to weigh the pros and cons properly: in terms of cost, maintenance, lifespan, aesthetic, durability, and more. 

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    Composite vs. Wood Decking
    Savings in the Long Run

    Savings in the Long Run

    One of the major drawbacks is the higher pricing. True, the cost is considerably high upfront–but the pros will offset the only cons (price tag) overtime. It is a worthwhile investment that will ROI almost instantly. 

    For starters, it requires absolutely no maintenance at all. No need for sanding, sealing, or re-staining, upkeep that is often required for real wood on a yearly basis. Further, composite won’t splinter, rot, or be as highly susceptible to mold growth and pest damage. 

    Natural wood decks last for up to 30 years, while composite could last nearly twice as that–at least fifty years. Because composite decks have built-in UV resistance so it does not fade over time due to exposure from external elements.

    No one can deny the many benefits of composite decking. Here are some of the many reasons why Composite decking is preferred for Pool Decks: 

    • Best for Pools

    When there’s a pool, there’s bound to be water (and a lot of it). Wood is notoriously hydrophilic, which means it is attracted by water and in high danger of damages from water, moisture, rains, mold, mildew, rot, and more. This means using real wood for the swimming pool is less than ideal.

    Composite decking is the obvious winner when deciding to build a pool deck because it naturally repels water and moisture. Composites look like wood, but without the disadvantages of the real thing. When it comes to swimming pools and docks, Orlando deck building companies universally advise the use of composite decking against real wood. 

    • Look and Feel of Real Wood (but better)

    Considered as the preferred material of the 21st century, composite is the best wood alternative out there in the market–having the same positive attributes of timber, with none of the disadvantages. 

    There is a wide variety of colors, stains, and finishes to choose from that mimic the look of hardwood: cherry, walnut, mahogany, and even exotic species like Brazilian Ipe or Ebony. There is so much diversification for your deck to surely stand out.

    • User Safety and Comfort

    Another potential hazard with real timber is the forming of splinters and cuts over time. With composite, you don’t need to worry about running into these problems, offering a smooth and splinter-free surface for decades to come. Composite is not vulnerable to wood’s most common problems of warping, splitting, or cracking.

    Composites are especially great for swimming pools. This innovative material is so good at regulating temperature well whereas other types of materials have higher heat absorption.  Further, we have anti-slip features to reduce the risk of any injuries related to slips, slides, and falls.

    • Variety in Style and Designs 

    Strides on innovation have been made in the industry over the past decade. whereas before the composite material seemed fake and plastic-y, now many types can mimic the grain and colors of wood. From deep earth tones to deep reds, we have a wide range of varieties for you to choose from for your deck, furniture, rails, stairs, and other outdoor structures.

    Still Prefer Wood Decks?

    Sure, there are now plenty of alternatives out in the market that is almost like the real thing. It is understandable that real lumber still has die-hard fans.

    Wood has plenty of die-hard fans: it is genuine, durable, and simply classic. The look is just rustic and classic. If authenticity is important to you, we understand that nothing beats like real wood.

    One option is to use treated wood, also called pressure-treated wood. The best lumber types are weather-resistant hardwood like cedar and redwood. These fetch for a higher price versus treated wood, but it’s also well worth it. 

    If you are not bothered with the annual maintenance requirements, reach out to our wood deck building companies Orlando, Florida now.

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