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    There are more choices than ever before in the home improvement and construction industry, all thanks to the latest innovation and technology. The same is true in backyard spaces. There is now a wide range of patio features and fixtures to make the outdoor space look and feel uniquely yours.

    Homeowners don’t need to break a bank to create a livable and attractive patio. Affordability is our mantra–we aim to develop cost-effective and family-friendly spaces for all. Reach out to us now for an in-house assessment and consultation.

    Multipurpose Space for the Outdoors

    The areas of Orlando, Orange County, and Florida are most ideal for outdoor living. Here, locals can enjoy a climate with sunny skies and pleasant beautiful weather–hence the nickname ‘Sunshine State’. 

    Alfresco living has evolved into many uses, and the patio has become the multipurpose space. Imagine an outdoor space for relaxing, lounging, dining, entertaining, and swimming. 

    Our professional Orlando patio builders create an appropriate design and covers to make your space accessible at all times of the year. Allow us to create a backyard space where elegance meets functionality.

    Covered Patios for All Seasons

    It’s great to have an open patio to soak up the sun, but it would also be useful at certain days of the year and certain times of the day. Sometimes, your open expanse will deem inaccessible especially when the weather elements are too hot, too cold, too rainy, or too windy for you to enjoy your outdoor patio.

    Covering your expanse might be a good idea to protect you and your space from the sun, rain showers, and strong wind that can cause considerable wear and tear. Keep the outdoor furniture protected, clean, and dry by enclosing the area. Let our patio cover builders do that for you.

    Aside from covers, we can also provide enclosures and fencing for privacy measures. It would be great to enjoy your patio without being too exposed to the public. It is very important to have an outdoor nook that provides safety, comfort, and security. If you value your privacy, let us help build fencing systems for your front and backyard.

    At Deck Builders Orlando Partners, we believe that every Orlando resident deserves the best. Every day, our crew strives to be better by giving honest service and efficiency in project management. Our partners are sure to meet and exceed expectations.

    A well-designed patio isn’t just for your personal use–it can also increase the value of your property. With a space that is well built and beautifully designed, you are sure to get a good return on your investment. Alfresco spaces will surely enhance your house’s curb appeal greatly.

    Our deck and patio builders in Orlando, FL are well-vetted and undergo a rigorous process. We look at professionals with a high level of experience and craftsmanship. Every project we deliver is sure to last a lifetime.

    If you are thinking of transforming your yard into a stunning outdoor area, you need to think about the range of needs of the whole family.

    We are a proud Orlando-based business that uses premium materials and innovative processes.  Our deck patio builders believe that stylish patio shouldn’t cost you the earth, that’s why we have options for all price points. We provide cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions in coming up with a patio that’s durable, beautiful, and long-lasting.

    We have an open and collaborative, transparent with our process every step of the way. If you have some limitations, you can let us know ahead so we can best propose a solution for all budgets. We pride in our superior craftsmanship and unmatched customer care.

    There is no better place to own a patio than in Orange County: the location, climate, and landscape provide a perfect scenario for alfresco living. With our team of expert craftsmen, we can provide you a wide range of customization, high quality, and affordable pricing for Orlando homeowners and commercial establishments.

    Our partners have years of experience with extensive knowledge in working under the state laws of Orlando, Florida. With the services of our professional deck and patio builders in Orlando FL, we promise you a smooth process for outdoor construction from start to completion.

    We are excited to work with you in achieving your dream outdoor space! Call us anytime at your convenience and we are ready to answer any questions and concerns. We are ready to transform your backyard into works of beauty.

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