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    If there’s a backyard, there has to be a deck adjacent to it. A deck is a flat and solid platform that is designed to provide maximum comfort and function for its users. Decks can be designed for lounging, relaxing, dining, and even cooking. 

    Leave it to our deck builders Orlando Florida professionals to design a space that meets your requirements in terms of form and function. Our clients will enjoy full customization in the design, and our experts will do an assessment and take full consideration of the preexisting landscape and surrounding areas.


    The outdoor patio offers a space to enjoy your backyards comfortably and conveniently. Our builders offer full customization to make sure the area is built specifically to your family’s lifestyle. 

    The patio can be as simple or elegant, as small or large, open or partially enclosed. If you want, you can even install more features such as a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, outdoor furniture, and even a fountain. The possibilities are endless, we advise you to look up online channels for boundless creative inspiration. Dream it up, and we’ll do it.

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      A swimming pool is easily the center stage of any backyard. It is an instantly appealing and inviting area, a communal space for you and your loved ones to make beautiful memories. 

      When you have a pool, you also have to think about investing in high-quality decking for the space surrounding it. Not only will it immediately enhance your personal experience, but it will also increase the value of your property significantly. 


      One of the highest in-demand services is the installation of an alfresco dining and kitchen area. Imagine being able to cook barbecues and steaks for friends and loved ones. The presence of an outdoor kitchen will instantly make you the talk of the neighborhood.

      In months where temperatures drop, the backyard can be inaccessible. Homeowners can still enjoy their backyard by installing a fire pit. That way, you can still enjoy the outdoors all year round.


      Add a big wow factor to your backyard by building a large gazebo. This structure will surely impress everyone, bringing your property a glance of class. Add seating and lighting to make it a wonderful entertainment stays through day and night. Whether it’s building for a private estate or for a commercial establishment, our deck building company will provide utmost professionalism. 

      Reach out to our Deck Builders Orlando team for a whole range of deck-related services.


      Pavilions are larger structures compared to gazebos, an ultimate statement piece of luxury for any home or estate. Construction of a pavilion can even be a good business venture to be host functions, weddings, and events. Whether for commercial or personal purposes, we have got you covered.

      Whatever the style or the scale–simple or elegant–our team can easily design a pavilion based on your budget and preferences.


      If you want additional shade for your space, a leafy recess formed via tree branches and climbing vines may be a stunning structure. Arbors can be used to connect different areas of your garden.

      Arbors serve as a beautiful entryway to your garden and are often designed as an outdoor arch with latticework. Beautify the whole area of your surrounding landscape. We can install these structures at your convenience.


      One cost-effective outdoor feature to beautify your garden is to install a pergola. A pergola is made up of vertical pillars supported by cross beams. Pergolas will instantly improve the look of your home.  It is often placed in an open area to provide some shade. It is sometimes planted with climbing vines, shrubs, and flowers. 

      Our preferred contractors can propose solutions that provide the right amount of shade and sun. Talk to our experts for a design consultation.


      If you already have a pre-existing deck in your property and in major need of a facelift, hire a dedicated Orlando deck builders crew to instantly increase the home value many times fold.

      One can add features that can further enhance the overall look and function of your backyard space. For cost-beneficial solutions for the garden, reach out to us now. We at Deck Builders Orlando believe that you do not need to break the bank to own a livable outdoor space.


      If you own a deck or outdoor structure that has been around for several years, it is common to run into some problems; issues such as rotting, fading, splinters, termite infestation, pest damage, mold growth, water damage, just to name a few. If you are starting to see physical wear and tear and if it is already significantly affecting the comfort and function, it’s high time to hire contractors for repairs.

      Whatever the scale of your maintenance needs, we are the deck building company to call. Reach out to us if you need an emergency fix or major renovation work. We will transform your structure like brand new.


      We assure you excellence in two things: workmanship and service. We take great care in keeping our good reputation as a highly reputable deck building company for homeowners in the greater Orlando region. From start to completion, we promise a user-convenient process. With us, your satisfaction is our guarantee.

      With our most capable deck builders in Orlando FL, there is nothing we can’t handle. From deck construction, installation, upgrades, fixes, and maintenance, we will surely make it happen. Reach out to us now and one of our helpful representatives will be happy to answer all questions and remain transparent throughout the process so that there will be no surprises.  

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      Wood has always been the classic choice for decking, but composites have grown in popularity in recent years. It’s not hard to see why: it requires low maintenance, durable, long-lasting, and require less upkeep. The only disadvantage is the higher cost, but it could ultimately save money in the long run. Further, composite decking is more eco-friendly and sustainable, lessening the global demand from forests and plantations. The many positive attributes make composites the best wood alternative out there.

      Decking options are available in either classic wood or composite material. Whatever material you choose, our crew will deliver decking at the highest value and at the most reasonable price.